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Homies Check on Homies Prioritize YOU 3 Minute Journal

Homies Check on Homies Prioritize YOU 3 Minute Journal

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Prioritize YOU! Take 3 minutes a day to raise your vibration by practicing mindfulness. By investing 3 minutes a day journaling, you'll take small steps towards a happier, fuller life.This 3 minute journal assists you with your mental fitness by carving out 3 minutes a day to refocus, retrain and redirect your thoughts.

Use this journal to:

  • Decompress from your day
  • Set your intentions
  • Reflect on your feelings
  • Reflect on your progress
  • Reflect on your wins
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Bullet Journal

I designed the 3 Method to develop a healthy, clear, well-balanced mindset for tangible results. The theory behind the 3 Minute Method is always putting personal growth first.
Prioritize yourself by:
1) Taking a small part of your day to be self-reflective.
2)Stepping outside your comfort zone by doing one brave thing a day.
3) Identifying your triggers, to hold yourself accountable for your feelings and actions.
4) Becoming proactive about intentional happiness.

By prioritizing yourself first, and practicing mental fitness you're able to:
Stay Consistent, Stay Confident & Complete all your goals!

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